Raise the Roof

In any home, the ceiling is often an overlooked opportunity to add customization to a space. Adding interest to the ceiling helps make a space feel more wholly designed and adds just that extra touch that shows you were really thinking about all the surfaces in the room.

wallpaper on the ceiling - if only my ceiling wasn't stippled i would be all over this idea in the baby's room!

Wallpapering the ceiling adds a whimsical touch and also helps draw the eye up taking full advantage of a room’s height.  This pretty floral helps add a large design element to a small powder room.

Different Ways to Cover Popcorn Ceilings

This image was featured in a post on ways to cover up popcorn ceilings, but even if you are not cursed with the dreaded popcorn ceiling, you can still add a color to the ceiling for that extra pop!  Adding a statement color that is slightly lighter than the walls will help to add contrast but still keep the ceiling from feeling like it is crashing down on you and your guests.

by Mila Design - Tuba TANIK

This aged ceiling adds a rustic touch that contrasts the rest of the modern architectural elements in this space. It also helps to draw the ceiling down some by adding visual weight at the ceiling height.  Adding a dark or textural element to a ceiling is an excellent way to bring coziness to a space with an extremely high ceiling.

The mosaic wall tiles by Ann Sacks and metallic ceiling add shimmer to the kitchen of a Chicago penthouse.

And finally, my favorite, the one with the shimmer!!! I absolutely adore this metallic ceiling that was featured in Architectural Digest.  It bounces light around the space in a soft way.  It becomes a piece of statement jewelry in the space and helps bring the other metal finishes in the room together to make a cohesive statement.  So, if you are feeling bold and want to take advantage of all the surfaces your space has to offer, consider adding some visual interest to your ceiling with pattern, texture, color or shine!

Feeling a little green?

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, I’ve compiled a few green rooms for your visual enjoyment! May the luck of the Irish be with you today!

Is this the "green room" people keep talking about? It should be.

Wow!  I love the green high gloss and that ceiling- just fabulous!

50 Cool Green Room Ideas | Shelterness

If you’re not bold enough for green walls, what about these awesome green chairs and accessories?

...no words.  Except maybe...gamechanger

Nothing quite as beautiful as bringing the outdoors in.

Our 17 Favorite Green Rooms | Simply Sophisticated | CoastalLiving.com

This is one of my favorites, from Coastal Living.  So soothing.

Fresh green room from Elle Decor! #laylagrayce #bedroom #green

Green grass cloth and green velvet! What a fabulous textural combination!

St. Patrick's Day Free Printable ~ Irish Blessing | FiveHeartHome.com

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Kitchen Love

Can I just say how much I love this kitchen? It is an awesome example of great design.  The white backdrop allows the brass and wood elements to shine!  And can I just say how much I love that counter-top!  The wood apron that cuts off where the wood naturally ends is such an unexpected element.  It provides a natural contrast to the glossy white cabinets and the brass hood and light.  Can we just take a minute to appreciate that brass hood as well?   I love unexpected design elements that leaving us saying, “why didn’t I think of that” instead of “whoa, what were they thinking”! Here’s to bringing back the wood and brass of the seventies in a way that’s modern and fresh!



Brushed gold finish paired with white, amazing counter top!

Up Top

I noticed a couple of kitchens that I liked this week and I thought I would share them with you.  They all have a common theme- wooden vent hoods.  I like the mix of the wood with other elements so it doesn’t look like part of the other cabinets.


While this kitchen has a hood that’s the same wood and tone as the cabinets, it stands alone between the cabinets. I like that it is not built in.  I also like the contrast of the black matte subway tile with the lighter wood cabinets. Those colors carry through to the eating area making a very cohesive design.

hood Contrasts. Ken Linsteadt Wood Kitchen Hood

This wood hood contrasts nicely with the other finishes and brings the tone of the floor up onto the wall. I like that hood spans that whole built in oven area. The walls and  cabinets are all cream so the wood adds an extra contrasting element to the space and adds some natural warmth.

Stylish Tile design

This kitchen also has a wood hood that helps bring in another natural element to the space and works nicely with the wood floors. It also makes the eye stop at the oven for a little longer.

If you like rustic elements and have white or colored cabinets, you may want to consider adding a wooden hood vent cover to help bring in an earthy element.

The Hideaway

Sometimes you come across a design idea that just makes you think… wow that is so smart.  That is exactly what I thought when I saw this kitchen in a cabinet (that’s just my nickname for it).  It is an awesome use of space and allows you to have a kitchen that can travel with you from place to place.  This is great for a small space as it does not take up a lot of floor space but has the essentials of a kitchenette.  While you can’t exactly close up an oven in there, the microwave and toaster allow you to heat up items, while the bar sink allows for easy clean-up.  This would be great in a basement guest space or hang out room.  You could also specialize this cabinet and make it an espresso bar if you just wanted to add something to an existing kitchen or sitting area. I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share this with you. I hope it inspires you to add some functionality to your home.  


Free Standing Fold Out Kitchen Equipped with Everything You Need in a Kitchen.... for a small space?

White Out

So I’ve had a couple posts in the past about White rooms and I figured with all the white stuff headed our way in the next day I would feature some white rooms that make us feel good!  Instead of dreading the white invasion our environment is sending us, I want to celebrate the beauty white can bring to inside our homes.  Enjoy the colorless feast!

perfect beach house guest bedroom - love the big mirror with the distressed wood frame leaning against the wall

This room just makes me want to cuddle in and enjoy the snowfall from the luxury of my very comfy bed.  White is so crisp and gives a fresh feeling in a room.  Mixed with light neutrals, there’s minimal contrast for a calming feeling.


There’s nothing that feels cleaner than a white kitchen.  The gloss of the cabinets is a nice contrast to the matte wood floors and the classic chevron marble tile.

And finally, this is where I really wish I was, instead of holed up inside my home preparing for yet another snowfall in the double digits. A calm oasis by the sea!

Chairs and more chairs…

It feels good to be back to normal after a week filled with sickness and stress!  I was looking for a worthy topic for this week as I was feeling a little writer’s block and I saw this picture I saved from a while ago. It made me realize how much I like the intimacy that is created when you use chairs in a sitting area instead of a sofa.  It forces you to be engaged with the person or people in the circle.  I like the idea of looking at someone’s face as you’re speaking instead of that awkward turn that you have to do while sitting next to them on the sofa.  

Eclectic Interior Design Group: Four Chair Grouping

This arrangement is especially great in a small space or an extra seating area where you plan to entertain guests instead of just watching tv. I also love the luxurious feeling of these chairs. They make you want to settle in and have some tea and reminisce. 

Here are a couple more rooms that utilize this circle of chairs design idea. 

Eclectic Interior Design Group: Four Chair Grouping

These comfy chairs definitely make you want to take up residence near the fireplace!

A pop of natural red offsets paler tones | Photo Gallery: Sarah Richardson Designs | House & Home | Photo by Angus Fergusson

This is a great spot to have a morning cup of coffee with the newspaper. 

I hope if you have a small space or an extra area for entertaining you will think about utilizing an arrangement of chairs instead of the traditional sofa and chairs set up.  



So… I am anything but a Monday person, and well honestly, I am usually not a morning person either.  On this Monday morning I thought I would share a little something I found to help perk you up on those days you are feeling less than stellar.  It’s an article, aptly named “10 Things to do If You Wake Up Feeling Like a Grouch”.  

10 Things to Do if You Wake Up Feeling Like a Grouch


Click on the image to get to the original article.  My favorite tips are to turn on some music and dress for the day you want to have.  I know when I wake up feeling like a grump that last thing I want to do is put on a dress or skirt, but sometimes taking that extra step to dress up really does improve my mood.  If  I look in the mirror and think, wow I look great today, that’s a much better start to my day instead of putting on my favorite comfy pants and thinking “well it’s good enough.”  Also, once I get into the car it’s so easy to succumb to all of the stressors that are running through my mind… instead I turn on Pandora on a dance station and have a dance party on the way into work, or my new favorite is to listen to some upbeat classical music. It’s soothing and helps my nerves get to that relaxed spot so I can enjoy the drive and my morning cup of coffee.  So, if this Monday morning, or any morning for that matter, you wake up feeling like Oscar the Grouch, follow one or all of these tips and turn that frown upside down!!


I have to say that I just love a shared bedroom.  Growing up I shared a room with my brother for a while until he needed his own room and the age gap was just too much. I love the idea of two twin beds in a guest room as well. I am sure most kids do not want to share with their siblings, but in my delusional idealistic world these shared rooms provide the perfect sibling hideaway.

This turquoise room is one of my favorites.  It has a healthy dose of color that is balanced by the crispness of the white bedding and nightstand.

cute girls room

Here is another girls’ room that is as adorable as it is stylish.  This space could easily be used for guests with a switch of linens, but the blue and pink print is perfect for a sophisticated girls’ space.

cute idea instead of bunk beds

This nautical inspired space has the beds pushed up against the wall, creating more usable floor space. The light and airy color scheme is perfect for a guest room or a boys’ room.  The patterns help keep it from being overly masculine and the grass cloth adds nice texture to the space.

Great dresser

I love this space for two little boys to share.  The pictures on the wall identify their “sides” of the room and add a personal touch to the space.  The oversize dresser between the beds adds lots of storage for those trucks and rubber snakes.  The texture of the bedding and the carpet help keep the room from feeling too plain.

Finally, another colorful space for all of you color junkies!  This room uses pattern to create visual interest, but the differing scales of the fabric patterns keep the room from being too busy.  The light wall color allows the beds to be the focus of this delightful bedroom.

For more examples of shared spaces and designs made for kids check out my Pinterest board- For the Kiddos.

Gray days

While lately I’ve been making a big tadoo about color, sometimes you see an image that just strikes and chord with your soul and this lonely house made me stop for a minute and take an extra look.

I love the composition of this photo.  The light blue of the sky and earthy green and beige of the grass,  and the weathered gray of the house just speak to me and seem to be calling my name.   I found a couple of rooms that I think evoke that same feeling within me. It’s like a calm before a storm, you just want to treasure it as long as possible.

Jesse's Modern Bachelor Pad. Bed. Fur throw. Brass bedside task table lamp. Driftwood fish art. Great photograph with a hanging faux antler head reflected in it.

This bedroom gives me that same feeling.  I love the white of the walls that has a subtle blue undertone to it, like when you wash your white undershirts with your dark denim.  The headboard has that weathered wood look with the driftwood carving above and the faux fur blanket on the bed draws me in and makes me want to snuggle up and wait for the storm.

Another great tufted headboard. Love seating areas in a master bedroom.

I really love this bedroom.  There is a little more color in this room but the tones are deep and draw you in.  The headboard and chairs have that same beige quality as the tips of the grass in the photo above.  The white walls and subtle contrast of the wood beams adds that natural element that I love. I also love the natural light that both of these rooms have. I love being inside and feeling like I am outside in the light of the day.