Romancing the Home

Another runway trend we will be seeing this fall and into winter are romantic dresses.  This doesn’t literally translate to home decor but the types of fabrics and patterns you see will match up with that romantic vibe that was felt this fall. When adding an element of romance to your home think about Victorian inspired designs.  The Victorian Era was filled with pieces that evoke romantic feelings so it is a natural inspiration for enchanting interiors.  An easy way to add this elegance to your space is through the use of florals, ruffles and silks.

watercolor chair

This wingback chair featured on is covered in a watercolor floral that feels romantic without being too traditional.


This wallpaper is a fun floral that adds a bit of whimsy to a space.

velvet sofa

When trying to add romance to a space you do not need to add floral fabrics or patterns.  You can add feminine details with curvy lines and lush fabrics. The sofa above is covered in velvet and is neutral but definitely feels romantic.

victorian inspired

Finally, this space exudes a lighthearted, traditional romance.  It mixes floral patterns in soft pastels with feminine lines for a room that feels like you are in a Victorian garden.

If you like whimsy and want your home to awaken your romantic sensibilities, try adding some floral patterns and feminine lines.  These also help to soften a space and give it a comfort factor that can be lost in some modern homes.  Just remember feminine does not have to mean pink and frilly.  It can be evoked through the use of line and texture as well.

2 thoughts on “Romancing the Home

  1. Lovely pictures, particularly like the neutral sofa, it’s chic and stylish, yet not too much. The wing back chair is a fabulous feature piece to brighten up a room – I like that upholstering can allow us to still have beautiful tradition furniture, but with a modern twist, using up to date fabrics that are more in line with todays decor choices.

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